College Softball Scholarship – Get Discovered / Get Evaluated / Get Recruited

Advances in technology have changed the way athletes are getting recruited is Softball. The Softball recruiting process is now done online and through Recruiting Evaluations!

Softball is? is not a revenue Sport which means that the colleges have no more than 3 Coaches in the dugout creating difficulties for staff to get across the Country from a budget and scheduling standpoint.


MyPlayer Evaluation



Softball Athletes need to create their own personal recruiting profile online with all athletic detail, including, Softball specific key stat information as well as all academic information including GPA, Transcript, SAT / ACT test scores as well as NCAA Eligibility and NAIA Eligibility Center registered status.?

In addition, it is very important to secure a skills evaluation to project great fit programs across the Country that see specific skill set and academic portfolio transferring to the College level.

*A proper edited skills highlight video included with all recruiting profiles is essential.? If a College Coach likes what they see on the profile and skills highlight video they may begin the process of making contact with the prospect either by taking a trip to visit the athlete or view a game.


*Next, when the Softball Athlete has information online they now have the ability to secure an evaluation by a credible 3rd party service made up of previous Softball coaches and players that will identify skill set, athletic strengths and areas needed to develop.


*Softball Skills Video: College Coaches do not want to see full game Softball videos! They do not want to see an athletes top 10 plays of the year, diving for a ball, hitting a HR, etc. Coaches want to see an athlete executing the primary fundamentals of hitting, fielding or pitching over and over again.? Following these specific guidelines in your skills video will enhance your opportunity of a college coach viewing your skills video!?




There are millions of high school Softball players across the Country pursuing their dream of securing a Softball opportunity on a College Roster! College coaches need to know that the information included within the recruiting profile has been verified by a credible 3rd party source, one that includes Softball coaches and players that have been there and done that. They will trust the information and are more likely to pursue the Softball Athlete as a serious recruit.


Getting Discovered is the initial step which includes Getting Evaluated and creating your verified recruiting profile that College Coaches will trust!


MyPlayer Evaluation

Getting Noticed through your verified recruiting profile and verified Evaluation is just the beginning. Next a Softball Athlete must get out in front of the coaches expressing interest to showcase individual skill set as well as how they stack up against other athletes the coaches are recruiting.


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