MyPlayer Evaluation 2018 Get Evaluated – Get Discovered – Get Recruited Partnership Program

MyPlayer Evaluation & MyFootball Evaluation
We are launching our 2018 Get Discovered Partnership Program.
Our new partnership program with coaches, trainers and booster clubs, etc is designed to create an opportunity for the athletes of your team, club or organiztion as well as an opportunity to generate revenue for their team, club, or organization.
We provide position specific sport evaluations in an athletes primary sport as evaluated through the lens of a college coach along with exposure to targeted great fit college coaches.
Our 2018 Get Discovered Partnership Program.directs a portion of the evaluation and consultative fees gathered back to the referring source.
NCSA Athletic Recruiting is a leader in helping college coaches find recruits; it also educates high school athletes and their parents on the college recruiting process, has recognized the quality of our evaluation and has partnered with MyPlayer Evaluation & MyFootball Evaluation.
We complete the evaluation portion for interested families and NCSA handles the recruiting consultation process, providing a free profile and access to every college coach in the athletes primary sport.
In the event a family purchases an evaluation or consultation services, the team, club, booster club, etc, would receive 50% of the revenue collected by MyPlayer Evaluation or MyFootball Evaluation and if a Family decides to pursue beyond the Free service NCSA offers with our partnership, the same 50% of revenue collected by MFE & MPE will be passed on to the team, club, organization.
Every High School athlete needs and exposure if they desire to compete at the college level. There are over 7 million HS athletes in the country and only a small % move on to the college level. We can help your athletes and at the same time provide a revenue stream and all families and athletes have to do is complete our Discovery form.
2018 Get Evaluated – Get Discovered – Get Recruited Partnership Program.
For additional information contact us with the subject line – Interested in 2018 Road to Success Partnership Program at or at (412) 748-0322
Kind Regards,
Coach Anzevino and the MyPlayer Evaluation & MyFootball Evaluation Team.

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